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‘Overcoming COVID-19’, once again, Konia win the Trimble Million Euro Club prize

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Konia has been honored to receive the Million Euro Club award in Southeast Asia for 2 consecutive years, affirming the potential and ability of Trimble’s only authorized reseller of Tekla Structures in Vietnam. In 2021, the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affects on all aspects of the global economy and society: many supply […]

Techo Takhmao International Airport – New Phnom Penh Airport

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The New Phnom Penh Airport, which has recently been renamed as the TechoTakhmao International Airport, is the planned new airport to serve Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It will replace the current airport for commercial flights, while the old airport will be used for “the head of state, heads of local governments and Cambodian senior leaders, as a military […]

Level of detail (LOD)


What is LOD? Above all, LOD makes the value of the model evident to all parties and creates trust between different people working on the same project. The more reliable the model information becomes, the more project stakeholders are lining up to get hold of it. It is easy to understand as the information begins […]

Rao ll bridge, Vietnam


Rao ll bridge Danish company MT Højgaard is a Scandinavian construction and civil engineering company with customers in Denmark and abroad. Its history dates back to 1918 and together with smaller construction and civil projects, it specialises in extremely large and complex construction works,infrastructure projects and the installation of offshore wind turbine foundations. In 2011, […]

What is BIM?

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What is BIM? Definition of BIM (Building Information Modeling) “With BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, one or more accurate virtual models of a building are constructed digitally. They support design through its phases, allowing better analysis and control than manual processes. When completed, these computer-generated models contain precise geometry and data needed to support the […]

How modular construction benefits the construction industry

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Modular construction is becoming less of a niche market and a real growth area within the construction sector.  For decades, construction companies have chosen modular construction for the convenience of having factory-produced, pre-engineered building units delivered and assembled on site. In the late 1990’s, the Egan Report suggested the predictability and efficiency of offsite construction could improve […]

Trimble Tekla officially announced Konia as the Authorized Reseller in Cambodia.


Trimble – one of the most famous international construction software companies – has announced that Konia Co., Ltd. is their new Authorized Reseller in Cambodia. Konia has received Trimble’s official authorization for the entire Cambodia market, with responsibility for the distribution, maintenance and customer support of Tekla software. Tekla Structures Tekla, or Tekla Structures, is […]

Tekla 2021: The new subscription plans

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The new Tekla Structures subscription offering contains everything you need to work more effectively. Centered around Tekla Structures software, it includes a wide range of services, plus our modern Tekla online licensing tool.  The new subscription includes licenses for Tekla Structures and Trimble Connect Business, making collaboration easier than ever. The new subscription plans Tekla Structures software has three material […]