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My Insights: Get Personalized Insights to Maximize Productivity in AutoCAD


Launching today with AutoCAD 2022.1, you get access to My Insights in AutoCAD. My Insights strengthens the partnership between technology and designers to drive better outcomes, faster. It is an advisory engine that utilizes your individual product usage data to deliver personalized insights with the goal of helping you speed up work and become more […]

AutoCAD Open Source Project for AutoLISP


AutoLISP is a dialect of the programming language Lisp built specifically for use with AutoCAD. It is so popular that there are thousands of utilities and applications that have been developed. Even the Electrical toolset in AutoCAD is developed entirely using the AutoLISP language. However, the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for editing and debugging LISP lacks more of […]

AutoCAD Student 2021: Download & Install Free Version

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Autodesk provides students and teachers around the world with the right to use Autodesk products, for example, AutoCAD 2021 for free for 1 year.  Just create an Autodesk student account, you can use most of Autodesk’s software for free for a certain period.  To apply for a license, you need to follow these steps:  Step […]

Using Rotate (Ro) Command in AutoCAD


In AutoCAD, you can use Rotate (Ro) command to rotate the objects with various ways You can use Rotate command on the Toolbar menu or type ‘Ro’( Rotate) Command SELECT ROTATE COMMAND ON TOOLBAR MENU In AutoCAD, Access Home ► Modify ► Rotate to select Rotate command, then following these steps Step 1: Select the […]

Create, Name, Insert, Remove/Explode Blocks in AutoCAD

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How to use BLOCK command (B) in AutoCAD.  In AutoCAD, to group objects that are combined into a group, the Block command will help us do this. Let’s learn about this command with KONIA! 1. Types of Blocks in AutoCAD Block As this type of block, we cannot change the size and shape from the […]

How to Convert File from AutoCAD to SketchUp

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PREPARATION OF INFORMATION IN AUTOCAD DRAWINGS First, we will keep the main drawings necessary for SketchUp: plan, elevation, section. After that, it is necessary to filter the information before sending the CAD drawing to SU so that the drawing becomes neater. Remove strokes: DIM (dimension), sectional stroke, interior stroke, note stroke, high cote stroke, doors […]

Get to Know AutoCAD 2022 – The Connected Design Experience

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AutoCAD 2022 drives design forward with connected workflows and automations that let you focus on what matters most: creating great designs. Packed full of value, AutoCAD including specialized toolsets offers CAD software that is trusted by millions, provides access to seven industry-specific toolsets with automations to speed work, includes the AutoCAD web and mobile apps to […]

AutoCAD 2021.1 And AutoCAD LT 2021.1 Update Now Available


The AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2021.1 update is now available, offering new enhancements and tools to simplify your workflows and improve productivity. Here’s what is now included in the newest update to the AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2021 subscription, now available everywhere. If you’re on AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT 2021, you automatically get all your […]