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Konia Company Limited hereby announces its decision to terminate the distributor agreements with its business partners Autodesk. This means that Konia has discontinued the operations as the Authorized Distributor of Autodesk in Vietnam and Cambodia from April 29, 2022. Dear Partners, Resellers, Customers and who may concern, Konia Co., Ltd sincerely thanks our partners, resellers, […]

SketchUp for iPad: Capture your creativity on the go

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For the last few years, SketchUppers have asked us the same question: when can I create in 3D on iPad? You’ve posted in the forums, left reviews, DMed us on social media, and sent emails – and, we made sure to read it all (57 pages of feedback and counting). We’ve spent the last two […]

How to create a realistic kitchen interior in 3ds Max – Part 1

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V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max features exciting new possibilities for interior designers!  Learn how to use it to create a realistic kitchen interior step-by-step. Want to discover V-Ray’s newest functionalities in 3ds Max? In this tutorial, you’ll find out how our new features give greater creativity to interior designers.  You will learn how to bring a […]

How to create a realistic kitchen interior in 3ds Max: Part 3

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Follow along to learn how to set up a production render and post-process efficiently in the V-Ray Frame Buffer to achieve a high-quality render.  Congrats, you’ve almost made it to the end of the tutorial! We started off our three-part tutorial by setting up the V-Ray Denoiser, making use of the Interactive Production Render (IPR), and adding life to […]

How to render an architectural scale model in V-Ray for SketchUp DOF on

With V-Ray for SketchUp, it’s easy to match your designs to a backplate and create realistic architectural renderings. V-Ray expert Han Shilin shows you how. There’s something about a scale model that makes it easy to communicate an architectural concept. And the trick is: it can be a real-world physical model, a 3D rendering, or […]

SketchUp for Landscape Architecture: An Oasis in the City

sketchup for landscape architecture

SketchUp for Landscape Architecture Perspective view of the park created using SketchUp. Image courtesy of Located in the south of Sweden, the city of Lund needed a system of dams to collect storm runoff. With this goal in mind, Tyrens converted an enormous field (the equivalent of 30 football pitches) into ‘The Knowledge Park,’ […]

3D Warehouse AR View: See your models in a whole new dimension

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For 3D Warehouse We’re excited to announce augmented reality (AR) viewing — via a QR code — for 3D Warehouse. How would you like to get buy-in from a client on a proposed new fixture by letting them walk through their kitchen before it’s built? Or, show your friend what a velociraptor would look like in your […]

How to create a realistic kitchen interior in 3ds Max: Part 2

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Learn how to set up and tweak the camera, materials and natural lighting in V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max to create a realistic kitchen interior.  In the previous post we covered how to set up V-Ray Denoiser, start the Interactive Production Render (IPR), and take advantage of the Chaos Cosmos asset library to enrich your scene.   Continue watching the video […]

Planning concrete pours with Tekla Structures when modeling bridges.

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Øystein Ulvestad is a Norwegian structural engineer and BIM developer who uses Tekla Structures to model bridges in 3D. We spoke to him about the benefits of modeling pours in Tekla during a bridge’s design phase.  Ulvestad has been working with Tekla software for almost 20 years. In the first part of his career, he […]

The top three benefits of using Trimble Connect

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Whether you are in charge of a simple construction project or a complex one, you know that you and your team need to have access to accurate information at the right time. This is essential for executing your work and delivering your project successfully, without expensive surprises. Trimble Connect is an open collaboration tool that […]