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The Six Most Common Challenges in Rebar Detailing and How to Overcome Them

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When designing reinforced concrete structures using traditional methods such as 2D drawings, you may encounter some typical challenges. One classic example is that you might be spending many hours redoing or amending the same designs repeatedly. As a result, this may squeeze the overall project schedule and even cause it to slip, with the knock-on […]

Problems in Tekla licensing: Error codes and their descriptions


Error 6 Problem: License library initialization failed with error: Activation Library Initialization error #6. Please, contact software vendor to resolve the problem. Reason: Tekla license server installation folder contains .dll files that are from the previous Tekla license server version. Solution: To resolve the problem, do the following: Close Tekla License Administration Tool and stop the Tekla license server in LMTOOLS by clicking Stop Server on […]

Easy creation of curved shapes: improvements in lofted plates and lofted slabs


Create a lofted plates or a lofted slabs by using Construction Polycurves Easy creation of curved shapes: improvements in lofted plates and lofted slabs on the construction polycurve toolbar. To create a lofted plate, click Steel > Plate > Create lofted plate. To create a lofted slab, click Concrete > Slab > Create lofted slab. Use two Construction Polycurves to create Lofted Part: Select the […]

Overcoming Complexity and Driving Efficiency in Bridge Design with Parametric Design

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Parametric Design Engineers are under growing pressure to be more productive while, at the same time, structural design is becoming increasingly complex. The architectural design tools of today have expanded the possibilities for more curves and amazing structural details, all of which end up on the desktops of structural engineers who are working with smaller budgets […]

Tekla 2021: The new subscription plans

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The new Tekla Structures subscription offering contains everything you need to work more effectively. Centered around Tekla Structures software, it includes a wide range of services, plus our modern Tekla online licensing tool.  The new subscription includes licenses for Tekla Structures and Trimble Connect Business, making collaboration easier than ever. The new subscription plans Tekla Structures software has three material […]

Five Key Benefits of 3D Modeling in Pour Planning

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Advanced 3D planning tools can help concrete contractors plan and execute pours more successfully thanks to their automation capabilities and purpose-built functionalities. They help you work smoother and smarter, allowing you to invest time in the most demanding planning challenges. Here is a list of five key benefits that 3D brings to concrete contractors related […]

Three Extensions That Any Concrete Contractor Should Download From the Tekla Warehouse Right Now!


Boosting productivity, saving time, and getting more accuracy!  Discover the newest Fit Objects, List Manager, and the Navisworks and Revit Import extensions and why you should download those from Tekla Warehouse right now. In March 2021, we announced the release of Tekla 2021, the latest version of our structural Building Information Modeling (BIM) software solution for the construction industry. The updated […]

Tekla Online License


Tekla Structures has added an option to the user can use the license form its Tekla Online License without organizational management server license offline. At the moment this option is temporarily supporting certain configurations and you also need to have a working Trimble Identity account. Download and install Tekla Structures. When starting Tekla Structures for […]

Tekla Structures – Rebar Detailing-Companion Detailer


Tekla is the most advanced BIM software for Rebar (rebar) detailing and fixing the concrete construction and management process. With Tekla, you can detail any structural reinforcement in 3D, and by automating the rebar detailing process with Tekla, you can prevent errors from arising.  You can save time and handle project changes. You can find, […]

Tekla Structures configurations


Tekla Structures online licenses are purchased as a recurring or fixed-term subscription. The license details, including renewal information, can be viewed in the Tekla Online Admin Tool. The licenses unlock the Tekla Structures Carbon, Tekla Structures Graphite, or Tekla Structures Diamond configurations, which progressively enable more product features. Also special student and developer configurations are available. Note that legacy configurations are still used with on-premises […]