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Four secrets to choosing the right BIM software for your company

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Building information modeling (BIM) is becoming the baseline standard for building planning and fabrication management for good reason. As buildings become more sophisticated and detailed, the demands and expectations for greater collaboration, better decision-making and more sustainable options also grow.  The power of BIM software helps you meet these demands while reducing costs and improving […]


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Save time and money with faster offshore structures design and detailing, accurate drawings, avoiding clashes on assembly and automation. With Tekla software, you can boost productivity through shorter modeling times in offshore structures design and higher automation of fabrication. You can interface the model to machinery and project management. Your Tekla models represent the true, […]

Webinar: Project Collaboration With Trimble Connect For Design & Build

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Learn how to better manage project information, support collaboration and process for project delivery with Trimble Connect‘s Common Data Environment (CDE). We will covering these areas: How to connect the right people to the right data at the right time and maximizing team collaboration, enabling informed decision-making and enhancing project efficiency. How to work anytime, […]

Four human performance tools enhanced with BIM software

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Human factors can affect performance and, if left unaddressed, they can deeply affect employee safety and health. When you implement a strategic approach to preventing incidents through the use of human performance tools, you’re encouraging your workers to anticipate and prevent error. Keeping your employees focused on improving their performance is essential for any business […]

Industrial construction – better process and plant construction with Tekla’s BIM software

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Achieve cost efficiency, improve safety and keep the schedule in your construction projects: With Tekla software, you can coordinate with both plant design software and fabrication machinery, while accurate quality information in 3D models brings benefits throughout the lifecycle of an industrial facility. Tekla lets you manage risk and plan for a successful process. Integrating […]

Planning concrete pours with Tekla Structures when modeling bridges.

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Øystein Ulvestad is a Norwegian structural engineer and BIM developer who uses Tekla Structures to model bridges in 3D. We spoke to him about the benefits of modeling pours in Tekla during a bridge’s design phase.  Ulvestad has been working with Tekla software for almost 20 years. In the first part of his career, he […]

The top three benefits of using Trimble Connect

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Whether you are in charge of a simple construction project or a complex one, you know that you and your team need to have access to accurate information at the right time. This is essential for executing your work and delivering your project successfully, without expensive surprises. Trimble Connect is an open collaboration tool that […]

Level of detail (LOD)


What is LOD? Above all, LOD makes the value of the model evident to all parties and creates trust between different people working on the same project. The more reliable the model information becomes, the more project stakeholders are lining up to get hold of it. It is easy to understand as the information begins […]

How modular construction benefits the construction industry

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Modular construction is becoming less of a niche market and a real growth area within the construction sector.  For decades, construction companies have chosen modular construction for the convenience of having factory-produced, pre-engineered building units delivered and assembled on site. In the late 1990’s, the Egan Report suggested the predictability and efficiency of offsite construction could improve […]

The Six Most Common Challenges in Rebar Detailing and How to Overcome Them

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When designing reinforced concrete structures using traditional methods such as 2D drawings, you may encounter some typical challenges. One classic example is that you might be spending many hours redoing or amending the same designs repeatedly. As a result, this may squeeze the overall project schedule and even cause it to slip, with the knock-on […]