Trimble Scan Essentials

What is Trimble Scan Essentials?

scan essential

Trimble Scan Essentials plug-in for SketchUp which has been integrated into SketchUp Studio recently is used as a tool to support SketchUppers import, view, and model directly on point cloud data in SketchUp – accurately capturing the as-built condition on your projects.

By leveraging Scan Essentials, you’ll see an increase in workflow efficiency, better integration between project’s stages – from site surveys to design, construction, and post-construction – supporting greater success on complex projects.

point cloud

After importing a 3D scan file, you can start off your 3D modelling workflow in SketchUp. This data set will be optimized to ensure that model can be run smoothly. You can also lock your points to increase the accuracy of the model.

scan essential

What is the point cloud?

point cloud
point cloud

Point cloud is a set of data points in space (boundless three-dimensional extent). This is a product of the 3D laser scanning process which will give us an image data of the objects in the form of many points in space and each point position has its set of x,y,z coordinates.

3D laser scanning is a widely used technology in 3D scanning of buildings state in construction and in mechanical engineering, with the advantage that the current state will be collected in detail in a precise method without causing any disruption or impact on the construction or the business operation.

After the 3D laser scanning is completed, the technician will process the Scan Data (point cloud). The point data cloud is used for different purposes such as using 3D perspective, building a model from a 3D laser scanning file.

Some Scanning equipment from Trimble

scan 3d
scan 3d

The formats that Trimble Scan Essentials support

Plugin can read the well-known industrial standard 3D scanning formats such as E57, LAZ, LAS,… as well as the Trimble RWP format from ground-based laser scanners, mobile mapping devices, drones, etc.

3d formats

Main functionalities from Trimble Scan Essentials:

  • Import and view the  point cloud data in various 3D laser scanning formats
  • Model directly on the point cloud for precise drawings
  • The ability of locking points
  • The capability of comparing 3D modelling and point cloud
  • The ability of changing the density, the transparency of point cloud, prioritized customization and creating the views of cross-sectional.

Benefits of Trimble Scan Essentials

  • Since the point cloud shows a high level of accuracy of each building location, this is extremely useful for renovation works
  • Check out the existence of designs to see how new designs will be looked like when overlapping the existing design
  • Collect project’s data, survey the surrounding area in a large scale, etc.
  • Prepare plans of management in warehouse, logistics,  etc. in real conditions

For example, if you are preparing to build a bridge, you can scan the roads and the surrounding area to come up with the most optimal design with high accuracy.

The advantages of Trimble Scan Essentials

  • An integrated solution built by Trimble
  • Convert data into models by capturing points directly on point clouds to ensure the accuracy
  • Support to read the huge point cloud data without slowing down the manipulation in SketchUp or making any impact on SketchUp performance
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Work with all scan file formats such as RWP, LAS/LAZ, TZF, E57, PLY
  • Export point cloud to Layout to deployment on 2D