Simple Structural Solutions (3S) – Choose Tekla Structures and optimize the right tools for maximum efficiency

Simple Structural Solutions (3S) Construction Technology and Engineering Co., Ltd specializes in consulting and designing steel structures according to Eurocode standards. The European market is both fastidious and competitive in price and quality, so from the very beginning the company determined to choose Tekla Structures and optimize working tools for maximum performance as the backbone of the success- lose.

3S 3
Roof of 850 ton REIMS sports complex (by 3S in 2018)


It is for that reason that 3S has chosen Tekla Structures software in the process of designing as well as deploying drawings, exporting production and erection documents for workshops and construction contractors from the very beginning. Until 2023, 3S Company still uses Tekla Structures software as its “ace”.

3S 5


With long-term strategic partners, the use of Tekla Structures helps 3S provide maximum support for customers when preliminarily building models. From there, detect the problems of the project to optimize the design and cost options, helping the customer to dominate in the bidding phase.


3S 11


The speciality of the projects that the 3S team has done with Tekla Structures is that most of them are non-repetitive. It is a great opportunity for 3S to actively use Tekla Structures, creating a richer company profile. After more than 5 years of using Tekla Structures, 3S has implemented a series of projects from industrial houses, factories, offices to shops, supermarkets, airports, stadiums, stadiums, railway stations, swimming pools and even military buildings…


3S 6


Especially in the midst of the prestigious Champs-Élysées avenue, Simple Structural Solutions Construction Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd. has marked its presence with projects led by famous brands such as Dior, Renault or Marbeuf office building. It is the diversity and abundance of projects that help 3S constantly strive to explore, create and equip with specialized knowledge and skills. One of them is API development in combination with Tekla Structures or Tekla Structures in combination with Grasshopper to serve the individuality of each project.


3S 10
Project T1 Roissy 1000 ton Charles de Gaulle airport (by 3S in 2021)


At 3S, deep professional development for all employees is very important. Tekla Structures is not only used by engineers to develop drawings, but also used by them when designing to make calculations more accurate. In addition, the use of Tekla Model Sharing, Trimble Connect while communicating and managing projects with international customers on a daily basis as well as during the period of social distancing due to Covid-19 has helped 3S eliminate the geographical distance, save a lot of time in data transmission and help the company not be paralyzed by social factors.


Công trình Grand Ecran tại quảng trường Italie – 75013 PARIS
Grand Ecran in Italy Square – 75013 PARIS


Through practical experience, 3S is aware of the superiority of Tekla Structures, so 3S has selected, trained, and used Tekla proficiently. The investment in copyright license in accordance with the law also helps 3S Company affirm its brand, contributing to making Vietnamese enterprises an indispensable contractor in the field of construction design in the international market.


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Source: Konia. According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh – Director of Simple Structural Solutions (3S) Construction Technology and Engineering Co., Ltd.