Students of the Faculty of Civil Engineer – MienTay Construction University access BIM tools through the workshop “Building a BIM platform with Tekla Structures software” (Edu tour – MTU)

In order to increase the level of awareness as well as popularize and update BIM knowledge and tools such as: concepts, practice, introduce Tekla Structures software, and at the same time so that lecturers and students can become familiar with the application of Tekla Structures software. Applying model information management to teaching, learning and practical work, the Faculty of Civil Engineer – MienTay Construction University (MTU) in collaboration with Konia Co., Ltd. organized the workshop “Construction BIM platform with Tekla Structures software”.

The conference took place on the morning of October 5, 2023 with the presence of the Board of Directors, Faculty and Department leaders, along with lecturers and more than 250 students of the Faculty of Civil Engineer. Mr. Nguyen Tuan Phuong – Head of the Foundation Department gave an opening speech at the conference with many words of encouragement, cheering the students’ spirit to learn, absorb and hone knowledge and skills in the era of social development. develop continuously.


With a solid investment policy from the foundation, students have learned more necessary specialized information through the topics: Overview of BIM and the influence of BIM on their tool and career orientation. Construction students; Represent steel structure drawings of industrial buildings using Tekla structural software application; Introducing the BIM tool – Tekla Structures and training support policies for students from Trimble Tekla.
Through diverse topics, more than 250 students actively and excitedly participated in discussions and Q&A to learn more about BIM, career orientation related to BIM, especially how to equip skills. Use Tekla Structures software – the most powerful structural BIM tool, through free certified courses provided by Trimble and Konia company.
The workshop was successful and ended with many cooperation plans between MTU and KONIA in the spirit of focusing on training from the ground up and bringing benefits to students.

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BIM – Building Information Modeling (BIM for short) is a new technology, developed based on digital technology, and is being deployed and widely applied in the Construction industry in many countries. nation.
In Vietnam, the application of BIM in design, construction, and project operation management has been implemented since the end of 2016 and is being piloted in design, construction and operation activities in a number of locations. construction. By April 2021, the Ministry of Construction announced General Instructions for applying Building Information Modeling (BIM) and detailed application to civil works and urban technical infrastructure works. This can be considered an important official law in the development of BIM in Vietnam, contributing to creating an optimal solution to approach the 4.0 technology revolution of the Construction industry. 

Tekla Structures – This is Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that allows creating and managing 3D structural models with accurate details and high feasibility regardless of structural complexity or material type. (steel structures, reinforced concrete structures, precast concrete…). 3D models built with Tekla Structures contain full detailed and accurate information about the project, helping to control the entire construction process from conceptual design to processing, erection and construction management..

Trimble Tekla’s training and education support policy in Vietnam – Konia Co., Ltd. is authorized to deploy and develop, including many free benefits from Trimble and completely non-commercial useful activities. commercial services (seminars, workshops, project instructions, software training, certification, scholarships…) from KONIA company for Universities in the Construction – Engineering sector that wish to cooperate. Promote knowledge and skills related to Tekla Structures software for students..

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