3D Warehouse AR View: See your models in a whole new dimension

View of 3D Warehouse chair on your screen and in VR

For 3D Warehouse

We’re excited to announce augmented reality (AR) viewing — via a QR code — for 3D Warehouse. How would you like to get buy-in from a client on a proposed new fixture by letting them walk through their kitchen before it’s built? Or, show your friend what a velociraptor would look like in your backyard? Anything is possible with AR viewing! Upload a model to SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse and share it in a new dimension with anyone. 

Introducing dark mode viewing for 3D Warehouse

Why use AR for design? 

Designers who use AR can bring 3D models to life through contextual visualization with the ease of viewing through a mobile phone or tablet. Plus, it’s a critical collaboration tool. Send clients and team members a QR code for AR viewing and let the technology do the hard job of explaining how your model will look in real life. This new feature will save you a jaw ache.

Architects can send their clients a custom built-in for a new house, interior designers can send tenants redesigned workstations for an open space office concept, and contractors can show sub-contractors project phasing before shovel hits pavement. Use AR viewing for professional work, home remodels, or just for fun (aka that 3D velociraptor hanging out by your pool)! 

Using a QR code to view 3D Warehouse models in AR is easy and accessible; many mobile phones and tablets already support the technology.

See your model in a new dimension

Let’s try adding a new active sitting chair to your office setup! Follow our steps below to start using AR viewing in your workflow:

  1. Head over to the 3D Warehouse
  2. On your desktop or laptop, search for a 3D model you’d like to see in your space like “Turnstone Buoy” (that’s a fun one). Your search result will appear. 
  3. Click on the model name to head to the model details page. 
  4. Here you’ll notice a new button, View in AR. Click on that, and you’ll see a QR code pop up.
  5. Use your mobile device to take a photo of the QR code and watch the magic happen!
  6. Send the QR code to your clients or friends. 
3D Warehouse object next to scannable QR code

Adding to the excitement, we’ll also use AR viewing for 3D Warehouse at 3D Basecamp 2022. Stay tuned for details about the modeling competition and art gallery, viewed by scanning QR codes scattered throughout the venue. 

If you’re ready to add a new dimension to your designs, go ahead and pop on over to 3D Warehouse and try out AR viewing for yourself. Got a technical question? Our forum has all the answers including troubleshooting tips. And, don’t forget to let us know how this new feature helps with your collaboration workflows in the comments. 

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