BIM seminar: Bridge design and technology at Tekla ATC-HUCE

BIM seminar: Bridge design and technology construction students at Tekla ATC-HUCE was successfully held on 22/2/2023.


With the enthusiastic participation of 20 students majoring in Construction – Bridge and Road, the seminar brought a lot of interesting specialized knowledge as well as opened up many ideas and directions for the students.


Although the language difference is a big challenge for the type of hybrid conference with foreign speakers, with the dedicated support of T.S. Pham Dinh Hai – Director of ATC-HUCE, the workshop received many positive feedbacks from attendees.

Tr.V.Trien – class 64CD4 of Faculty of Bridge and Road shared that he is very interested in Tekla ATC-HUCE’s activities and always look forward to learning more about how to use software as working tool. Trien also shared the difficulties when getting used to using AutoCAD – Revit then switching to working with 3D BIM objects, but he knows there will be better job opportunities if he hone his skills in using Tekla Structures.


Understanding the obstacles as well as grasping the needs of students, Tekla ATC-HUCE has planned to organize many BIM activities and seminars for students in 2023. In addition, Konia company also cooperates with ATC-HUCE and other Tekla ATCs in the region and globally to prepare for the Tekla BIM Award competition for students in 2023.
These activities are the efforts of ATC-HUCE as a authorized training center of Tekla as well as of Konia Co., Ltd. – the representative of Trimble Tekla in Vietnam, with the desire to promote technology in training, teaching and learning, creating a positive playground for students to have an environment, opportunities to research, compete with other students, and at the same time develop and promote their knowledge and skills.

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