Starting the PGD training course “Design and application of BIM for industrial buildings” at Tekla ATC-HUCE

Following the series of seminars on BIM TECHNOLOGY FOR INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS, Tekla ATC-HUCE Hanoi successfully opened the course “Design and application of BIM for industrial buildings”.

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With the spirit of “The words go with the actions” and promoting the application of technology in training, Konia company accompanies with ATC-HUCE Hanoi, in collaboration with STRUCTURE.X Company (India) to organize PDG career guidance course for final year students majoring in Civil Construction at Hanoi National University of Civil Engineering.
The first lesson took place on February 25, 2023 with the number of students participating in accordance with the targets of the course to ensure training quality through the close monitoring and support of lecturers and assistants.
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T.S. Pham Dinh Hai – Director of ATC-HUCE supports students to better understand construction engineering concepts after sharing by Indian experts.

In addition to specialized knowledge of industrial structural engineering, the course also has a training module to use tools that are software to apply technology in construction such as Tekla Structures.

Tekla Structures is the #1 software application of BIM technology today, allowing to set up and manage accurate 3D structural models, supporting the entire construction process from design to manufacturing, construction management and operation and use of the project.

The course lasts 6 months with a tuition fee of $350/student and is expected to be completed in September 2023. In addition, ATC-HUCE also regularly organizes free, extensive seminars and other BIM training programs, suitable for a wide range of students majoring in construction.

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