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For Le’s Cham Hotel, this 3D modeling software connected the BIM process

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Abou Founder Cuong studied at the University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City (UAH), Vietnam. After graduating, he contributed to many design projects, developing his professional knowledge and design style. In 2013, Cuong moved to Nha Trang, a coastal city northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, where he founded 5D Architecture & Construction.  What’s your […]

Canvas’s Scan To SketchUp: Save hours of measuring and modeling so you can jump straight to design

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Using SketchUp for residential design projects is a great way to quickly bring your client’s vision to life. Plus, with detailed 3D renderings, you can fill in any missing (visualization) gaps, and help your clients truly understand how their updated home will look before construction happens. But how do you get to that point and […]

View or Edit SketchUp Models

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Open in SketchUp Web Application  Trimble Connect for Browser enables opening SketchUp files in the My SketchUp web viewer. All SketchUp files (.SKP)  stored in your project can be opened in the SketchUp Web app. To open in SketchUp Để mở trong SketchUp Open your project in Trimble Connect for Browser. Go to the Explorer […]

Using Trimble Connect with SketchUp

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Trimble Connect for Business is included when you purchase a SketchUp subscription. Activating the tools to sync SketchUp files with Trimble Connect unlocks a whole new dimension to SketchUp, including: Unlimited online file storage Automated file syncing between computers (with Trimble Sync) Version History for recovery purposes Amazing remote modeling collaboration abilities Project Management tools […]

SketchUp for iPad: Capture your creativity on the go

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For the last few years, SketchUppers have asked us the same question: when can I create in 3D on iPad? You’ve posted in the forums, left reviews, DMed us on social media, and sent emails – and, we made sure to read it all (57 pages of feedback and counting). We’ve spent the last two […]

SketchUp for Landscape Architecture: An Oasis in the City

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SketchUp for Landscape Architecture Perspective view of the park created using SketchUp. Image courtesy of Located in the south of Sweden, the city of Lund needed a system of dams to collect storm runoff. With this goal in mind, Tyrens converted an enormous field (the equivalent of 30 football pitches) into ‘The Knowledge Park,’ […]

3D Warehouse AR View: See your models in a whole new dimension

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For 3D Warehouse We’re excited to announce augmented reality (AR) viewing — via a QR code — for 3D Warehouse. How would you like to get buy-in from a client on a proposed new fixture by letting them walk through their kitchen before it’s built? Or, show your friend what a velociraptor would look like in your […]

The top three benefits of using Trimble Connect

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Whether you are in charge of a simple construction project or a complex one, you know that you and your team need to have access to accurate information at the right time. This is essential for executing your work and delivering your project successfully, without expensive surprises. Trimble Connect is an open collaboration tool that […]

Work smarter, not harder in 2022 with LayOut and SketchUp Pro

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Even though 2022 has just kicked off, we think it’s already off to a great start with brand-new updates in SketchUp Pro and LayOut. As we get pumped for 2022, we can’t help but reflect on 2021. We continued building a solid (product) foundation to support your awe-inspiring designs, launched ground-breaking beta programs, and explored fresh modeling techniques […]

From 2D to 3D in warehouse design: a custom workflow

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Warehouse or logistic designers want to optimize planning operations to effectively deliver efficient, well-designed spaces, without concern for rework or waste. Manufacturers and suppliers also want to showcase their storage or racking systems in-situ and help logistics operators visualize their proposals for planning and organization purposes. Whatever camp you belong to, SketchUp can help you […]