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Single user licenses

What is the SketchUp Conversion Promotion for perpetual (Classic) Single user Licenses?

For each eligible SketchUp Pro perpetual license, a customer may purchase a single 1-year (or 2-year) SketchUp Pro subscription with a discount 40% . The discount is variable based on the customer’s Maintenance and Support status. A participating customer will retain the ability to use the SketchUp Pro (Classic) license, without the ability to receive Maintenance and Support. A customer may purchase up to a maximum of 50 discounted subscription seats as part of this promotion.

Which SketchUp Pro licenses are eligible?

A license must meet all the following requirements to be eligible:

SketchUp Pro customers with an active Maintenance and Support plan

  1. Perpetual Single User / Network license of SketchUp Pro
  2. Your Maintenance & Support contract is active or expired within the last 30 days
  3. Has not previously been used in any subscription promotion
  4. Is the most recent serial number (if previously upgraded/auto-upgraded)
  5. Is a registered commercial version of SketchUp Pro 2013 or higher
  6. Is being used by a customer in Cambodia only (Customers in other regions are not eligible)

*Contact us / Distributor in Cambodia in order to check whether your licence(s) is/are eligible or not

  • No other license types qualify for the promotion. Each perpetual license may only be converted once.


25/09/2020 – 04/12/2021

SketchUp Conversion PromotionFor classic license users with an expired Maintenance and Support plan migrating AFTER April 3rd, 2021

40% off full price subscription 1-year term

Can the customer still use their classic single user license after conversion?

Yes, it’s not a full trade-in. The customer can continue to use their classic license alongside the subscription. We know that a minority of customers will use this offer to expand their license portfolio at a discounted rate. Conversions are still valuable in this case: 

  • More customers will be on termed subscriptions 
  • Classic licenses cannot be upgraded

Under these circumstances, the account should grow in value over time. 

What happens to a converted single user classic license?

  • M&S ends on the date of conversion and cannot be reinstated 
  • Classic license cannot be upgraded to a newer version
  • Automated renewal emails must be disabled 
  • User is still able to and permitted to use classic license
  • User can still activate classic license on a new device (if there are remaining activations) 

What is the “SketchUp Expansion” promotion?

A user may purchase subscription seats in addition to those converted as part of the “SketchUp Conversion Promotion”  at a discount of 25% for a 1-year (or 2-year) term. A user may receive a discount on up to 4 subscription seats per converted perpetual license up to a maximum of 50 discounted subscription seats in total, as part of both promotions. Subscription renewals are not discounted.

  • Example: A customer with a 2 seats SketchUp Pro perpetual Single license:
    • User may purchase up to 10 discounted seats in total
    • Up to 2×4 =8 (Sketchup 1-year) subscription seats with a 25% discoun


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