Tekla Structures – Rebar Detailing-Companion Detailer


Tekla is the most advanced BIM software for Rebar (rebar) detailing and fixing the concrete construction and management process. With Tekla, you can detail any structural reinforcement in 3D, and by automating the rebar detailing process with Tekla, you can prevent errors from arising.

 You can save time and handle project changes. You can find, use, report, and transfer information according to your requirements while promoting efficiency and quality in specialist mode. Several improvements and additions have been made to make the details easier to use than before:

Layer function analysis – Layer function

Distance ratio – Distance area ratio

Class Numbering – Class Numbering

Improved coordination system – Improved departmental coordination system

Improved Drawings – Drawing Improvements

Now you can join the extensive E-Learning course, which includes everything you need to use Tekla Structures as a Rebar Detailer. You can learn for free, and the course is open to everyone. No experience required

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