Trimble Identity Updates – Your Action Is Required


Trimble cares about your data and continues to invest in reliable, secure and effective solutions to ensure the highest cybersecurity standards across all of our Tekla products. In order to maintain that high level of protection, we have been releasing Tekla Structures service packs for versions 2017-2020 during June-August which include enhancements to your Trimble Identity. All these service packs are now available and listed below.

What you need to do (Action Required before December 31st, 2021):

If you already are using Tekla Structures 2021 or you have installed the latest service pack (check table below) then updates may not be required.

If you are using Tekla Structures 2020 or earlier, you will need to take the latest service packs into use before December 31st, 2021 in order to reduce the risk of any disruption to your service. You can now download the latest service packs through the links below. This announcement refers to Tekla products only, if you are running other Trimble products please refer to your product specific support sites.

TBefore and after updating we recommend that you sign out and sign back in again to all Tekla products and online services. We also recommend that you check the requirements like firewall settings for connecting to Tekla Online services and please familiarize with the Trimble Identity and sign-in changes.

For customers still using Windows 7 they should note that further security enhancements can also be taken into use if Windows versions are upgraded, please see Windows 7 end of life information.

In-Use Tekla Structures VersionService Pack required to update toLink to download
2021No actions needed, already leveraging advantages of new Trimble IdentityN/A
2020Service Pack 9 (or newer)Download
2019iService Pack 10Download
2019 Service Pack 12Download
2018iService Pack 10Download
2018 Service Pack 12 Download
2017iService Pack 11Download
2017Service Pack 13Download
21.0, 21.1, 2016, 2016iService packs for these products will not be released. Tekla Model Sharing Service will continue to operate for these versions until 31st December 2022.We strongly recommend upgrading to a newer version of Tekla Structures at your earliest convenience


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