Trimble Tekla representative meeting with Faculty of Civil Engineering of Van Lang University (VLU)

On the morning of February 21, 2023, the representative of Trimble Tekla – Regional director – Mr. Thomas Phang had a meeting with the representative of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Van Lang University to discuss orientations to promote high technology in training, specialized in construction.


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With the vision of digital transformation and promoting the development of the construction industry with professional solutions, Trimble is constantly researching and upgrading Tekla Structures software products to meet the increasingly diverse needs of users.

One of the activities that Trimble Tekla has been concerned about and invested in for more than a decade is training and education. The effectiveness and achievements of these activities are demonstrated through the worldwide ATC system as well as the network of Universities that have partnership with Trimble. According to Mr. Thomas, investing in training – education, especially focusing on developing the potential of Construction students is an important and practical thing, because the benefits are not only for individual students or schools but also for the whole construction industry, including companies specializing in Construction.

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The meeting in the spirit of cooperation brought many positive ideas and plans to Van Lang University – Faculty of Civil Engineering and especially Construction students – the main beneficiaries of the benefits which Trimble Tekla and Ko Nia Co., Ltd. bring in cooperation with the school.

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