View or Edit SketchUp Models

Open in SketchUp Web Application 


Trimble Connect for Browser enables opening SketchUp files in the My SketchUp web viewer. All SketchUp files (.SKP)  stored in your project can be opened in the SketchUp Web app.

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To open in SketchUp Để mở trong SketchUp

  1. Open your project in Trimble Connect for Browser.
  2. Go to the Explorer page.
  3. Select the SketchUp file you want to view (or edit).
  4. When you have selected a file, the detail panel will open on the right-side.
  5. Click the Edit in SketchUp button to launch the My SketchUp web viewer in another tab.
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Changes made to the file content are saved directly to Connect and result in a new version of the file, accessible by clicking See history next to the version number.

Note: There is a delay of about a minute for the file version change to be visible.