Generating VR Preview in Chaos Cloud


Chaos Cloud supports VR preview of both still images and animations. If a Spherical Panorama or Cubemap camera is used in a still scene or an animation, Chaos Cloud automatically generates a responsive web page for reviewing the result on a VR headsets, such as Google Cardboard. This page contains all information related to viewing and sharing output images of such scenes in Chaos Cloud.

Submitting a Render Job with VR Preview

To submit a render job with VR preview to Chaos Cloud, you have to use a Spherical Panorama or Cubemap camera and follow the submission process explained in Submitting Render Jobs to Chaos Cloud.

Preview and Share VR images with Chaos Cloud


Virtual reality images rendered in Chaos Cloud come with a distinct set of additional options for preview and sharing the output of your renders. They can be accessed from the Job Details page of a completed render job.

The default view of the Job on the Job Details page is a plain image.


The VR toggle button displays VR preview of the job. When in VR preview mode, the Enter VR mode button is available in the preview.

vr preview

The VR button enters full-screen mode. In full-screen you can hold the left mouse button and move around to fully preview the VR image.

The Share button generates a QR code and a shareable download link, both of which grant anonymous access to the VR image, accessible from any device.


You can copy the link using the Copy button, or scan the QR code with any compatible mobile application. This will open the responsive web page where the completed VR image can be previewed on all viable Virtual Reality headsets.

Picture4 1