Easier Trimble Connect Collaboration

Tekla Structures 2020 introduces several improvements regarding the use of Trimble Connect and Trimble Connector. Starting Trimble Connect collaboration is now easier, and new lightweight reference models have been added. New buttons on the ribbon also make it faster to access and work with Trimble Connect and Trimble Connector. All operations between Tekla Structures and Trimble Connect use the project base point. This means that, for example, reference models exported or downloaded from Tekla Structures are placed in relation to the project base point in Trimble Connect. If you have not defined a project base point, the model origin is used.

Starting collaboration is quicker

You can now link your Tekla Structures model to a Trimble Connect project either right away while you are creating a new model, or later through the File menu.

  • To link a new model to a Trimble Connect project, select the Start Trimble Connect collaboration check box on the start screen.
  • To link an open model to a Trimble Connect project, on the File menu, select > Start collaboration.

In both cases, the Trimble Connect – Select project dialog box opens. Here, you can select if you want to link your model to a new Trimble Connect project or an existing one.

  • To link the model to a new Trimble Connect project, type a name for the project in the field at the top of the dialog box, and click Create.
  • To link the model to an existing Trimble Connect project, select the project from the list at the top of the dialog box, and click OK.

New buttons on the Trimble Connect tab

The tab has new buttons that make it quicker and easier to access different Trimble Connect products and Trimble Connector. See the new buttons below.

GUID 8D06F54F A05C 4B43 833B 54741406CC80 publishing
For Browser
Opens the linked Trimble Connect project in the Trimble Connect for Browser web application.
The For Browser button has the following sub-commands:
GUID CF8DB674 1171 41ED A4E4 3EF7830A9EB4 publishingProject explorer: Opens the Project explorer page for the linked Trimble Connect project.
On the Project explorer page, you can create new folders, Sketchup models, or map workspaces. You can also upload new files, and sync the project from Trimble Connect for Windows.
GUID 3A2CC19E 8AFF 4C64 A64B FFC049EEB48A publishing3D view: Opens the Trimble Connect 3D model view of the linked project.
In the 3D model view, you can adjust how 3D models are shown, select objects, and add ToDo notes, views, markups, clip planes, or measurements.
GUID DA3277E9 F2CC 4EDF 9B2A 1943458B4D66 publishingTeam: Opens the Team page for the linked Trimble Connect project.
On the Team page, you can invite new users to the project, create user groups and add members to them, and manage user roles.
GUID 57ECBF94 77F2 49FB AFD9 2A32A9FA9AE9 publishing
Upload model
Uploads the Tekla Structures model to a Trimble Connect project folder as a read-only .tekla reference model. The .tekla reference model is an overlay model that works as the counterpart of the Tekla Structures model in the linked Trimble Connect project.
Uploading the Tekla Structures model as a .tekla reference model allows you to use ToDos and other Trimble Connect commands with the model.

The GUID 57ECBF94 77F2 49FB AFD9 2A32A9FA9AE9 publishingUpload model button is not available in models that have been shared with Tekla Model Sharing. Instead, you can select if and when a shared model is uploaded to a Trimble Connect project folder.
In the Advanced Options dialog box, set the value of the XS_UPLOAD_SHARED_MODEL_TO_CONNECT advanced option to one of the following:
BASELINE: The shared model is automatically uploaded to the set Trimble Connect project folder each time a user creates a new baseline.
WRITEOUT: The shared model is automatically uploaded to the set Trimble Connect project folder after each successful write out.
If you do not want to upload the model to a Trimble Connect project, clear the Value field.
GUID 22DC937E 93FC 40DD 98D8 CCF4631D7D26 publishing
Opens the list of models in the linked Trimble Connect project.
You can adjust how models are shown, add Connect models as overlays on top of the Tekla Structures model, create new sub-folders for models, and remove models from the list of used models. You can also download or export reference models.
GUID A2249291 3548 4F85 ADDC B7A0569DE5BA publishing
Opens the list of ToDo notes in the linked Trimble Connect project.
You can add and modify ToDo notes, add markups or comments for ToDo notes, and assign ToDo notes to users or user groups.
GUID E104A535 9CD0 4C8C 91BD EADA84370D03 publishing
For Windows
Opens the Trimble Connect project linked to the current Tekla Structures model in the Trimble Connect for Windows application.
GUID 5926EA5E 9B0D 4A07 B153 AD256FE72A7D publishing
Match with Trimble Connect for Windows view
Adjusts the camera, zoom level, and projection of the Tekla Structures model view to match the current 3D view in Trimble Connect for Windows.
GUID 5A3FFC8D 724C 4E12 9496 A844B2A61558 publishing
Match with Tekla Structures view
Adjusts the camera, zoom level, and projection of the Trimble Connect for Windows 3D view to match the current model view in Tekla Structures.
GUID B862FB2F 8917 4D45 B9D1 61C437730043 publishing
Select in Trimble Connect for Windows

Select in Trimble Connect for Windows

Selects the objects that are currently selected in the Tekla Structures model also in Trimble Connect for Windows.
GUID 03C06C63 6A17 4C36 ACD8 9A3A3220DB91 publishing
Select in Tekla Structures
Selects the objects that are currently selected in Trimble Connect for Windows also in the Tekla Structures model.

New overlay models

An overlay model is a lightweight reference model that is stored in a Trimble Connect project. Overlay models show model objects, parts, rebars, bolts, and assemblies on top of Tekla Structures models. However, pours and pour units are not shown. You can attach overlay models to your Tekla Structures model, view the attached overlay models in a clear tree structure, and manage overlay models in several ways.

To start managing overlay models:

  • Click GUID 22DC937E 93FC 40DD 98D8 CCF4631D7D26 publishingModels on the tab, and ensure that the Overlay models tab is open.
GUID 148AD103 8833 4ED4 B3C6 22E752B46BAA publishing

Here, you can:

  • hide or show overlay models by clicking the GUID 7F728AC2 7420 43B0 BF30 4FA21AC1FE4F publishing and GUID 77A076F7 895F 4015 8A33 CEA71D331E29 publishing icons
  • adjust the scale and position of overlay models in the Properties sectionGUID 35B9FE1F C743 43B4 AAF4 D41EB94A6081 publishingRestriction:
    The Rotation X and Rotation Y values are currently ignored when you insert an overlay model to Trimble Connect.
  • remove overlay models from the model list and from the local computer
  • create sub-folders for overlay models under a Trimble Connect folder
  • attach new overlay models to your Tekla Structures models
  • zoom to overlay models in a Tekla Structures model view

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