Tekla Structures Concrete

Overview: Tekla Structures for Concrete

Tekla Structures – the most advanced structural BIM software.

Estimate, Plan and Pour Better with Constructible 3D Concrete Models

Design -> Fabrication -> Site Operation -> Project Management

Lets you create, combine, manage and share multi-material 3D models packed with valuable construction information.

Tekla modeling


Quickly and easily create accurate, constructible concrete models.

Tekla Planning


Use the 3D model to get organized, drive estimates and efficiently prepare to pour.

Tekla pour concrete


Go on site! Take the model and all the benefits into the field.

Tekla Structure For Concrete:

Tekla offers a complete solution for concrete contractors
From bidding to site operation.

Phần mềm Tekla Structures Concrete

Tekla Structures allows concrete contractors:

  • Reducing risks
  • Improving productivity
  • Ensure smooth progress on site

“The software is an essential tool for improving concrete pour planning and management on site.”

Software Applications

Tekla Structures for Concrete is used for:

  • Concrete contractors
  • Rebar contractors
estimation and bidding

Estimation and Bidding

Chi tiết cốt thép 3D


Vẽ cốt thép và lên kế hoạch

Rebar Drawings and Schedules

Chế tạo


Thi công

Placing and Coordination

Thầu bê tông

Concrete contractors

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With Tekla you can:

  • Improve estimates and schedules
  • Automate quantity take offs and effectively manage information
  • Improve pour planning and on site productivity
  • Ensure constructibility and solve issues early
  • Follow up progress, coordinate and manage teams effectively
  • Manage changes easily
  • Reduce risks from preconstruction to pour at the office and on site

Tekla Structures User Manual

Concrete & Rebar Video Tutorial

Tekla Structures for Concrete: Tips & Tricks

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Tekla Structures Tip: Text plugins

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Tips Tekla Structures: Export DWG

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How to download Tekla Campus

Tekla Structures 2020 Trial

Please contact us to get the Trial version.


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