Upgrade your Classic license — save 20% on a SketchUp Pro subscription!



Get the latest 3D capabilities with a SketchUp Pro subscription — at 20% off for a limited time only. Model on the go with SketchUp for iPad and work smarter with new tools from the 2022 release.

A SketchUp Pro subscription includes SketchUp for Web, LayOut, unlimited cloud storage, mixed reality viewing, and so much more! With our newly launched SketchUp for iPad app, you can harness the power of 3D anywhere. Draw, swipe, and click your way to creative genius with Apple Pencil and intuitive drawing tools. Even better, you get access to the latest and greatest features as soon as they become available.

Make the switch from Classic license to SketchUp Pro subscription, and start reaping the rewards. Hurry up and upgrade for a limited time only. 

SketchUp Pro SketchUp Studio
20% off 1 year subscription15% off 1 year subscription
Product offered: 1-year subscription of SketchUp Pro
Percentage discount: 20%
Product offered: 1-year subscription of SketchUp Studio
Percentage discount: 15%

Benefits of Subcription

SketchUp Pro

eoQlGXls1AC5VBzabswx58B fyLGKl4aZwE8Wg08GLYqQS0TzgqbIkiD fkModel organization Apply Tags to pre-selected or clicked entities for efficient model management. Organize multiple tags into Tag Folders and control the visibility of folders per scene. 
Smart 3D content Access Live Components, new configurable objects that deliver accuracy and modeling speed.e YJbIBq8jtAAc1nyd00X6EcmTNFqImDWCwsG079QZntG jKf 9CzrJsN9RVNB93MB8LF20tU

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Model efficiency- Search in Pro: Find and activate native commands and installed extensions. – Stamp Copy: Make and naturally distribute multiple copies of an entity with just a click using the new feature.- Lasso Select: Draw custom selection bounds without reorienting the camera.- Scene search: Access a dedicated search bar for navigating Scenes.
SketchUp for iPad Harness the power of 3D by sketching using Apple Pencil, touch, or mouse on iPad. Experience and share your concepts using AR, and markup and annotate designs with ease.YOi7BvmhJNUeW1QJfjNBBZK7IFxLlpNftC7NGh6jUiSKo XQcZWuthBWE7tUl68MdWUlc9zeqCTfQMx4o6v6G8ZlvXRIlTV6Rc4HQTyWB Psh7sLaWUMtAKzITGKUBhJtQGhMKTs
5F2NCILVakQCGFSnE1HtnJnwvAf Bq18qKM8 qgJazwng9k9ORtpk0OXCf1oDjOQMZC39zt0H9Ec5F8gwSa1kcgH7C3B8PQxz0RGLqBPixleOtoMr TUZSQuWQSCfjfkPSELhXICollaboration, data management & unlimited storage With Trimble Connect, you can sync files across devices, unlock powerful BIM collaboration with integration for supported industry files, and access unlimited cloud storage.
SketchUp Viewers Communicate your design using mixed reality viewing with SketchUp’s Viewers.rmYeraPd9HOzCOGCMsrkqhhXjh yEVsrE3fWfcDPFPp72eyAbVeRq3dT1bkvhIbXYomM9wur goSS1uDw0tw

Upgrade your Classic license to a SketchUp Pro or Studio subscription today and get up to 20% off.

Apply to

Perpetual Single user license or perpetual Network License of SketchUp Pro

Upgrade classic license customers who have not yet converted to a SketchUp Subscription 

Is the most recent serial number (if previously upgraded/auto-upgraded)

Is a registered commercial version of SketchUp Pro 2013 or higher

Not apply to License Compliance (LC)

Is being used by a customer in Cambodia only (Customers in other regions are not eligible)

*Contact us / Distributor in Cambodia in order to check whether your licence(s) is/are eligible or not

 There is no maximum limit to the number of licenses a customer can upgrade, respecting this 1:1 ratio.

Each perpetual license may only be converted once.


18.04.2022 – 30.03.2023


Can the customer still use their classic license after upgrading?

  • For single user licenses

Yes, it’s not a full trade-in. The customer can continue to use their classic license alongside their subscription. The Classic license cannot be upgraded to a newer version than they are currently at, ever. Users can activate their classic license on a new device if there are remaining activations.

  • For network licenses

No, the customer cannot continue to use their classic network license alongside the subscription. It will be deactivated within 30-days of upgrade. 

Konia Group reserves the right to cancel or modify part or all of this promotion at any time without notice, for any reason in its sole discretion.

Contact Konia:

→ Ms. Nhan – (+84) 38.342.8720 (nhan.pham@konia-group.com)

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