A series of successful seminars took place in 3 days (January 10, 12, and 13, 2023) with the enthusiastic participation of students from the civil and industrial engineering faculty.

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STRUCTUREX and Tekla ATC from Hanoi University of Civil Engineering (HUCE) cooperated to organize a series of seminars on INDUSTRIAL DESIGN AND BIM TECHNOLOGY at ATC Training Center (BIM TECHNOLOGY FOR INDUSTRIAL HOUSES) 1st floor, Library Building) to update and provide information on BIM as well as strengthen specialized knowledge for students.

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The seminar went smoothly and attracted a number of student participating. Besides the training content from the Indian speaker – Mr. Ama Kumar – Director of StructureX PVT. LTD., the seminar also brought practical and useful knowledge about Tekla Structures software – 3D design software specializing in BIM structures shared by T.S. Pham Dinh Hai – Director of ATC-HUCE.

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In details, the seminar brought information and specialized knowledge in civil construction through the following topics:

  • RCC structure and BIM technology 
  • Industrial design and BIM technology
  • Tall and high-rise structure
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Vuong The Hung (class 64XD11, Faculty of Civil and Industrial Construction) said that despite the language difference, he still gained a lot of knowledge thanks to easy-to-understand explanations and specific examples from the Indian expert and Dr. Pham Dinh Hai, making it easier for students to study and prepare for the upcoming real job.

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Phung The Duc (class 64XD1, Faculty of Civil and Industrial Construction) shared: “The seminar has a new format, has good and interesting content, conveys information clearly to us. There are many projects, easy to visualize, especially in terms of structural software Tekla”.

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Many other students were also very interested in the wseminar because in addition to gaining practical experience accumulated after many projects of experts, they also grasped the benefits of choosing the right tool and using it fluently, actively applying technology in labor, thereby having good job opportunities, more confident in future career orientation.

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This BIM TECHNOLOGY FOR INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION seminar is also the “starter shot” for many training activities – thematic training for construction students, which was first initiated by Tekla Authorized Training Center (Tekla ATC) HUCE in 2023.


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