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Accurate 3D models put you on the cutting-edge without complications. It’s time for structural engineers, designers, detailers, fabricators, contractors and project managers to rise beyond traditional limits on every stage of construction. With Tekla Structures, you can create, combine, manage and share information with remarkable efficiency.

Products included

The new subscription offering includes not only an online Tekla Structures license, but also a license of Trimble Connect is included to support your collaboration. The Tekla Structures configurations have been streamlined down to three:

  • Tekla Structures Diamond is for detailing & production information.

  • Tekla Structures Graphite is for modeling & design documentation.

  • Tekla Structures Carbon is for viewing & collaboration.

Note that the old configurations are still used with on-premises licensing like before.

Tekla Structures subscription plans

Tekla Structures software has three material independent subscription options, which provide the perfect match for your differing needs. The full functionality of Tekla Structures is available in Tekla Structures Diamond. Graphite and Carbon are subsets of Diamond. Contact your local sales team and learn what option best satisfies your purposes.

What is the right subscription plan for you?

Tekla Structures Carbon Graphite Diamond
Opening and viewing models
Modeling of parts, steel assemblies, precast cast units, concrete pour units  
Creating steel and concrete components    1
Planning Tools      
Creating unique part marking (numbering)   2
Logistics planning, sequencing, scheduling, classifying, status visualization
Drawings and Reports      
Creating reports & print drawings
Creating general arrangement, rebar and anchor bolt drawings (plan, section, erection)  
Creating steel and concrete production drawings (part, assembly, cast units)    
Exports for steel CNC & MIS systems
Exports to rebar manufacturing systems
Exports for precast concrete ERP & MES systems
Work with reference models (eg. DWG, DFX, IFC formats)
Create analysis models and model loads  
Analysis and design interfaces  
Open API capabilities

1   Conceptual component only
2   Numbering is limited to cast-in-place parts, cast units and reinforcing bars


With Tekla Structures Diamond you can:

Create, manage and share multi-material, fully detailed 3D models. You can also use Tekla Structures Diamond throughout the project, from conceptual planning to creating all the required fabrication information. In short, you have the full power of Tekla Structures at your fingertips.

With Tekla Structures Graphite you can:

Create, manage and share multi-material 3D models for design purposes. You can also create general arrangement information such as general arrangement drawings, schedules, reports, and 3D models. Additionally, you can use Tekla Structures Graphite to create site layout drawings of reinforcement and even pass the information to bar bending machines for off-site rebar work.

With Tekla Structures Carbon you can:

Plan, track and manage all of your design, detailing, production and erection activities. You can open all types of Tekla Structures models, drawings and generate reports when needed. You can also track and follow the progress of a project, add information to the model, define erection sequences, control approvals, view production status and schedules, and more.

Learn more about Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures Campus

Free structural engineering and design software for students and educators


Konia LLD – Authorized Distributor of Trimble – offers training courses for different levels. 

Contact us for more details about those courses.

A Tekla training at Konia is total 30 hours.

Divide to 12 sessions, 2.5 hours/session

Trainee can ask and discuss with trainer about schedule.

However, if you want to become a professional, you have to spend at least 

  • Tekla Structures Diamond is for detailing & production information.

  • Tekla Structures Graphite is for modeling & design documentation.

  • Tekla Structures Carbon is for viewing & collaboration.

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